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The Catholic Calendar

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Updated 2001 FEB 05

Verified 2001 FEB 05

Resource Links

In the time that the Catholic Calendar has been on-line, we have come into contact with people who produce various materials related to the Catholic faith. We have also received requests for the information available from these products. As a service to our visitors, we are providing this list of books, calendars, and software.

Please note that these are the personal recommendations of the authors of the Catholic Calendar Page.

Ordering Information

The Catholic Calendar Page, in association with Amazon.com has set up a method for you to order these resources via a secure on-line transaction. To do so, click on the the name Amazon.com in the product description. We also provide information about the publishers, so that you may order the products direct.

Catholics on the Internet

We were one of the top 20 Catholic web sites according to Brother John Raymond in the original version of this book. For those of you with a copy, we are in Chapter 5, Brother John's Top 20 Catholic Homepages and Internet Directories, pages 69-70.

The Monks of Adoration  °  Cloister Shop, P.O. Box 546, Petersham, MA, 01366-0546, USA  °  Phone 508-724-8871  °  Fax 508-724-8871  °  Home Page http://www.monksofadoration.org  °  E-Mail monkadorer@catholic.org

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Lectionary for Mass

This CD-Rom contains the entire Lectionary for Mass, including Mass Readings with passages from the New American Bible, the official edition for Mass in the United States.

Liguori Publications  °  Home Page http://www.liguori.org/index.html  °  E-Mail bookstore@liguori.org

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Beyond the Walls: Monastic Wisdom for Everyday Life by Paul Wilkes

In this searingly personal and transcendently spiritual exploration into what it is to live inspired by centuries-old monastic truths and practices, Paul Wilkes trods a pilgrim's path to be educated in a new dimension in both humanity and holiness, one rooted firmly in the soil of everyday life.

Beyond the Walls: Monastic Wisdom for Everyday Life by Paul Wilkes  °  Home Page http://nellie.bcinet.net/goodenuf/  °  Order from Amazon.com

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Updated 2001 FEB 05

Verified 2001 FEB 05

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