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The Catholic Calendar

Links Page

Updated 2001 FEB 05

Verified 2001 FEB 05

Our links page has grown to the point that it needs to be split. We have tried to categorize the links appropriately. Please choose a links page from the list below.

Ecclesiastical Calendar Links
There are many different resources available on the Internet with information about the Catholic Calendar and the Church year. No one of us will be able to answer all your needs, but one or more of us should be able to help. Please visit these other pages which contain a variety of useful information.

Calendar Links
The Internet has many sites with information on calendars. These are only some of them. Enjoy!

Catholic Links
There are many other Catholic resources available on the Internet. We are only offering a brief list, as many of these are larger and better maintained than we could hope to attain.

Church & Religious Order Links
Various churches, chapels, and religious orders have linked to the Catholic Calendar pages. This is a list of those we know.

Christian Links
There are also resources available for other denominations, and for Christians in general. Please visit some of these fine sites.

Secular Links
Some sites with no particular religious affiliation have linked to the Catholic Calendar pages. Be sure to check them out.

Resource Links
In the time that the Catholic Calendar has been on-line, we have come into contact with people who produce various materials related to the Catholic faith. We have also received requests for the information available from these products. As a service to our visitors, we are providing this list of books, calendars, and software.

People Links
Just folks, out there on the Web, who happen to like our pages.

Please contact us about any modifications to the links on this page. We will gladly modify the description for any page, if requested. We do, however, reserve the right to remove any link at any time. And please let us know when you link to our pages, so we may return the favor.

Don't worry if your site does not appear right away. It sometimes takes us a while to get everything done. We will get to it as soon as we are able.

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Updated 2001 FEB 05

Verified 2001 FEB 05

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