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The Catholic Calendar

Secular Links Page

Updated 2010 Jun 26

Verified 2010 JUN 26

Secular Links

Some sites with no particular religious affiliation have linked to the Catholic Calendar pages. Be sure to check them out.

Kansas City Public Library
http://www.kcpl.lib.mo.us/ - The city's library system on the Web. Last: Good Reliability: 99%
CRRL AnswerPoint Web Library
http://www.answerpoint.org/ - Central Rappahannock Regional Library, serving the city of Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania County, Stafford County, and Westmoreland County, Virginia. Last: Bad Reliability: 62%
AMI Travel
http://www.amitravel.com/ - a travel agency based in Chicago, IL, USA that specializes in group pilgrimages to the Holy Land and other holy sites around the world. Last: Good Reliability: 99%

Please contact us about any modifications to the links on this page. We will gladly modify the description for any page, if requested. We do, however, reserve the right to remove any link at any time. And please let us know when you link to our pages, so we may return the favor.

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Updated 2010 Jun 26

Verified 2010 JUN 26

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