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Belle Easterbrooks

The newest member of the household. You can visit her page here.

Phillip Maxwell Easterbrooks

Phillip is now over one year old. You can visit his page here.

Teresa Ellen Easterbrooks

Teresa is now Four. Visit Teresa's page.
Moose on the Lake Road, New Limerick, Maine

(Moose Walking Down The Road) (Moose Head-On) (Moose Profile)

Yes, we saw this moose, who was evidently just out for a stroll. She walked right by the car, so I snapped a couple of pictures!


Linda's page

Bob was a Software Engineer for GTECH Corporation for 11 years. His page contains some Lego information, as well as links to several fun and informative Web sites for TV, Lego, "Weird Al" Yankovic, and the internet, among others.


Bob's page

If any Catholics are visiting this page, you may wish to check out our Catholic Calendar.

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