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Date Born: Around January 1, 2001
Date Died: October 16, 2017
Weight: 51 pounds on October 19, 2001
86 pounds max.
48 pounds on October 13, 2017
Gender: Female
Breeds: Newfoundland, Chinese Chow Chow, possibly more

Belle was adopted from the Humane Society of Madison County in London, Ohio (, where she was known as Chelsea. We found her through PetFinder (

Thanks to a lot of help and driving by Betty Peyton (from the shelter) and Liz & Brian Mitchell (friends from New York), Belle made the two-day drive from Ohio to Maine over the weekend of June 16-17, 2001.

Belle was very bright and friendly, and loved Phillip and Teresa. Belle successfully completed basic obedience training, which she received at C & D Obedience in Winthrop. She loved riding in the car, especially to visit grandparents.

Belle loved her toys, especially her own little “Tether Ball” and her plush squeaky bone. She played fetch, but only when she was in the mood. One of her favorite activities was going in the play yard with the children. When he was younger, Phillip loved to take her for walks on the leash in the play yard. Belle let him do it, which is a good thing considering that she outweighed him 2 to 1.

Belle loved the snow. She loved digging in it, rolling in it, even burying her face in a snowdrift. When we would break the ice off her water bowl, we would have to give it to her to play with, or she would get sad.

Her dog house arrived just in time to beat the first major storm of the season. It’s a studio, with the kitchen/dining area on the right, and the living/sleeping area on the left. It has wall-to-wall carpeting and is fully insulated on all walls, ceiling, and floor.

After a long and happy life of nearly 17 years, Belle had to be put down on Monday, October 16th, 2017. For a dog of her size, that equates to over 100 years in human terms. We will miss her.

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Adoption Photo Belle’s First Night Belle’s First Day (Resting) Belle’s First Day (Portrait) The Dog House
The first picture we ever saw of Belle (then Chelsea) at the PetFinder website Belle’s first night at her new home The next morning, she was much more relaxed We even got a (relatively) good picture of her face (no easy task with all that black fur) Belle on the porch of her dog house

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