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The Catholic Calendar

Announcement Page

Updated 2005 JAN 11


Welcome to the announcement page, which will be used for any new or exciting information, changes, or requests.

We will be dating this file, as well as the link on the Catholic Calendar page, so that you will know whether anything has changed without having to come look.


2005 JAN 11 -
It's been a while since we've updated this page. We've had a lot of work with our mailing lists. AOL gave us a little difficulty, and we had to unsubscribe all of the subscribers to our mailing list and start over using a "double opt-in" subscription method. For those of you not familiar with the term, double opt-in means that you have to (1) subscribe to the mailing list, then (2) reply to a confirmation e-mail to verify that you did actually sign up for the mailing list messages.

So, if you haven't received your daily or weekly e-mail message lately, please visit our E-mail Lists page and sign up again.

We have gone back to the old URL, http://www.easterbrooks.com/personal/calendar/. At some point, we lost ownership of the new URL for the Catholic Calendar site, http://www.cathcal.org.

Now that the announcement page is working again, we'll try to keep this updated more often. For those of you keeping track, we've surpassed 3.5 million unique visits (not hits, but times that visitors have come to the Catholic Calendar site and browsed through any number of pages). We should easily surpass 4 million soon!

2000 JAN 09 -
Since we have been receiving many questions about why certain years are or aren't leap years, we have put together a Leap Year Page. This page includes many details about the history of the calendar and the evolution of leap years. It also includes a tool for determining if a given year is a leap year and why. Stop by and give it a try!

1999 JUL 31 -
For all of you who have been waiting for quite some time (in some cases, years!), we've finally added links to information about the saints and celebrations. There are a few for which we don't have links yet, but we're still working on it. If you know of a good reference for them. please let us know.

We'd like to thank the following sites for providing such useful information on the World Wide Web, which will hopefully help increase the depth of your faith and worship.

1999 FEB 12 -
We are currently in the process of updating the server for the Catholic Calendar. While we are trying to make this transition as smooth as possible, there will be some minor anomolies.

Those of you who link directly to the pages (index.html, altindex.html, weekly.html, monthly.html, monthlyt.html and yearly.html) should not have a problem. The e-mail lists should also be unaffected. The Rosary pages will be unaffected, as well.

If you link or bookmark directly to the program (http://www.easterbrooks.com/cgi-bin/Cathcal.cgi), you will need to change cgi-bin to cgi-bin (http://www.easterbrooks.com/cgi-bin/Cathcal.cgi). You may wish to consider switching to a link directly to the pages - you can find out more about these on the help page. If you link to our pages, we suggest subscribing to the News & Updates e-mail list, so that you will know of major changes to the site. You can find out more about our lists on the e-mail lists page.

Some good news - the first week of February, 1999, we passed the 100,000 visitor mark! The mailing lists have been quite popular as well:

Thank you to all who visit the Catholic Calendar page! We look forward to sharing in your spiritual journey to Christ, now and in the future.

1997 DEC 11 -
We have just upgraded our Links Page, including the addition of a Resource Links Page, which helps you to locate and obtain various materials about the Catholic Church and the Catholic Calendar, including Church calendars, books, and software.

1997 DEC 01 -
This is the first major upgrade to the Catholic Calendar pages. We have added several new features and pages. Some of the changes include:

Please see the help page for more information and instructions on how to use these features.

Cover Picture We were one of the top 20 Catholic web sites according to Brother John Raymond in Catholics on the Internet. Cover
We were one of the top 500 Catholic web sites according to Thomas C. Fox in Catholicism on the Web. For those of you with a copy, we are in Chapter 18, Arts and Meditation, pages 404-405.
Note - This book does not distinguish sites with content that conflicts with the official teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

As of Sunday, October 26, 1997, we had our 20,000th visitor. That is only 172 days since Ascension Thursday (May 8) 1997, when we had our 10,000th visitor. These milestones are very significant for us, as it was not that long ago that we were only in the double digits. Thank you for considering our site worth coming back to, and for telling your friends.


We at the Catholic Calendar pages would like to thank the following people for their help in pointing out errors or omissions in our pages:
Fr. Jay A. Finelli; Kevin Knight; Robert Lucas; Jon Kennedy; Michael Spires; Joseph (Trip) Sinnott; Charles Diaz; Petra Aradi; James Bolner, Sr.; Scott Wright; Jose Sacerio

We would also like to thank the following people for their suggestions, even if they haven't yet been implemented. Have faith, many changes are still in the works!
Angelo Milioto; Anne Clark; Frank, Dawn, and Danny Morrison

We're sure we've missed some folks, and we apologize. We read and follow up on every suggestion we receive. Please feel free to pass on your own suggestions at our contact page, or send us e-mail at personal@easterbrooks.com.

User Contributions

We are still seeking reader contributions. If you have a favorite biblical passage relating to one of the mysteries, let us know. If you have a picture which depicts one of the mysteries, and you want to share it, e-mail it to us (personal@easterbrooks.com). We currently display the images at 240 x 285 resolution in 256 colors.

We have our first picture update, thanks to Alex Sansone. Look for the new pictures in the various rosary pages.

Please note that we will only be using images and passages specifically related to the fifteen mysteries, crucifix images, and images of the Madonna for the Rosary pages. The sequence of rotation for the images and passages will be based on the responses received.

Don't worry if your favorite source of inspiration is not in the above list. If you do have images, prayers, biblical readings, or other inspirational objects which can be represented in digital format, send them to us. Two future projects are an "Inspirations" page, made entirely of religious texts and images, and a "Prayer of the Day" to be included on Today's Page. Our attempt will be to make them contextually appropriate for the day, that is, for specific feasts and solemnities, an appropriate prayer will be displayed, and for the various Saint's days, a prayer by or to that saint will be displayed. On other days, more general prayers (appropriate for the season) will be used.

Also, please give us your feedback. We love to hear from people who have visited our pages, and make every attempt to respond.

In God's love,

Bob & Linda Easterbrooks

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