Phillip's Piano Recital


Phillip Turns 5 !!!

Phillip is getting ready to have a Birthday Party!
He's going to love his GeoTrax cake!
Click on the picture to see it BIG!

I've been asked for ideas for Phillip's birthday.
His current interests include country music. He likes watching GAC and CMT (with closed caption!) and singing along. He has a few CDs, and would love more. He has Alan Jackson (What I Do, 2 Christmas, Greatest Hits) and Rascal Flatts (Melt, Feels Like Today). I think he'd like any CD of any of the recently popular country music stars, including Kenny Chesney, Montgomery Gentry, Joe Nichols, Tim McGraw, Toby Keith, Brad Paisley... he had a great time doing Karoake at both KidsFest and Jokers. (I should consider getting him a karaoke machine, but then I'd have to get THOSE CDs!)
Phillip has ALL the Wayne from Maine CDs, but does NOT have any Rick Charrette ones - I know he'd like those, too!
Phillip has been learning to play the piano. I wonder if there's easy sheet music he'd like... hmmmm....
Books are always welcome. Right now he's been quite interested in geography, especially states and capitals, having been playing Cross Country USA trucking game on the computer. He's also been playing "Learn to play Chess with Fritz and Chester", and he and his sister sometimes play a (somewhat!) real game of chess.
Phillip loves his Fisher Price GeoTrax train set. If you're thinking of adding to his sets, here's what he has so far:
Tracktown Railway
Crosstown Express Lines
Freightway Transport
Railside Farm
Mt. Blast Construction Co.
Mix 'n Go Work Crew
Load 'em up Gravel Co.
Rapid Rescue Fire Squad
Searchlight rescue
Rapid Response Co.
Pile High Plowing
Air and Sea
HarborDocks Lighthouse
Ocean Cargo Transport
Portside Fishing Pier

Phillip's favorite web sites

phillip on computer

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