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The Lego Code

The Lego Code is a way for LegoManiacs to describe themselves and identify kindred spirits over the internet, especially when using e-mail or USENET newsgroups. It was developed and is maintained by Derek Schin. For those who don't know, the Lego Code is a variation/parody of the Geek Code.

Below is my Lego Code, which shows my Lego Theme preferences, set counts within a theme, and where I stand on various ongoing debates from Visit for the entire Lego Code with a complete explanation of the codes and symbology.

LEGO: MOC++++ TC++++(8460) MT,FS,TO+++ HM++ BO,AQ+ TR>+++ DU,FL,PA,SP,CA,PI@ BV-- #+++++ S++ LS++ H!? A+ LM- YB**m


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